The spirit of Kainos

With each nail hammered and every shingle laid comes a desire to create something bigger than ourselves. Overcoming challenges, earning trust and delivering peace of mind. Giving customers the quality they deserve with product assurance that helps them sleep better at night. That’s the Kainos way.

Our Values

At the heart of what we do is our desire to redefine expectations in the home improvement industry, setting a new standard for customer experience and shattering stereotypes of unreliable service providers. Partnering with Kainos means partnering with a people-first company that hangs its hat on five guiding principles:

Meet the people that make it happen

At Kainos, we know the only way we can hold our heads high is by delivering on our promise and doing the job right. Our team members are strategic problem solvers and life-long learners driven by our mission to put a smile on our customers faces, every time.




    Jimmy Vitulli is the driving force behind Kainos, committed to catalyzing transformation in both homes and lives. With a background in mentoring high school kids and leaders at Young Life, Jimmy combines genuine connections with technical acumen. His journey includes significant experience in technical sales and founding a business in the window and door industry, where he built a very strong team who shaped spaces and enhanced living environments. 

    Beyond his professional pursuits, Jimmy’s top priorities are his family and faith. His life mission is to make a lasting impact on others. Jimmy coaches little league sports, actively participates in his community, and relishes outdoor adventures such as mountain biking and fishing with his wife and three children, whom he loves to embarrass. Poor kids…he’s just doing that to compensate for all the embarrassing moments he’s endured. 




    Melissa Walter, originally from North Carolina, has been a proud Houstonian since 2011. With over a decade of experience as an administrative professional, Melissa is the backbone of Kainos Roofing & Exteriors, ensuring smooth office operations and providing invaluable support to her colleagues.

    Her impressive qualifications include an MFA in Jewelry and Metalwork from the University of Georgia and ten years of community college teaching experience. Melissa’s artistic background adds a creative touch to her problem-solving skills.

    When she’s not at the office, Melissa enjoys spending her free time with friends, exploring her culinary talents, Houston restaurants, savoring a good book, and relishing the great outdoors. Her diverse interests reflect her well-rounded and passionate approach to life.

    Melissa is a dedicated advocate for excellence in customer service. Her commitment to her work is as strong as her love for her various interests, making her a dynamic and valuable member of the Houston community and Kainos team.

  • Jesús Garza

    Jesús Garza


    Jesús Garza is a devoted husband and father whose life is anchored in love for God, family, carpentry, baseball, coaching, and ministry. With deep respect for all people, Jesús is honest, loyal, and hardworking. Boasting 18 years of residential construction experience, he is highly motivated to serve others. Inspired by nature and driven by hope in Christ, Jesús seeks to understand your needs and concerns, and work with excellence. For Jesús, working at Kainos is much more than just a transaction; it’s a commitment to positively impact your home and life. And we have to brag on him, he’s one of the most joyful and humble people you will ever meet. 




    Jose brings a wealth of experience to our team, with his construction journey beginning in his teenage years alongside his father. Over the years, he discovered the fulfillment of turning a trade into a lifelong career. Specializing in siding and windows for residential and commercial applications homes for well over a decade, Jose honed his project management skills and cultivated strong customer relations. He distinguishes the small things that make a big impact, a philosophy he carries into a company that prioritizes doing things right and putting customers first. 

    Outside of work, family time is precious to Jose. As an only child, he doesn’t have those precious sibling memories (little does he realize he was blessed to miss out on the petty arguments too!). So now it’s his mission to create them for his own two kids. Occasionally Jose will unwind by playing video games…don’t stay up too late Jose, you’ve got work in the morning. 




    Ruben Pena, our Roofing Superintendent, whose roots in roofing run deep. Raised by a roofer father, Ruben practically learned how to walk on roofs. This is a slight exaggeration, Dept of Labor & OSHA (if you’re reading).  With over 25 years in the industry, he’s a seasoned professional, having installed everything from residential to multi-million dollar commercial and industrial projects. An expert in asphalt shingle, metal, TPO, and more, Ruben is known for his commitment to doing things the right way, never cutting corners. He truly puts the super in superintendent. 

    Beyond work, he dedicates time to coaching his daughter’s softball teams, showcasing his passion for excellence both professionally and personally.




    Manny, a proud native Houstonian and a self-proclaimed cornerstone at Kainos Roofing & Exteriors (just kidding…we love the pride you take in our outfit, bro!). Manny’s journey began turning wrenches before he could say “bolt” in his father’s 18-wheeler repair shop. This fostered an exceptional work ethic and a commitment to customer service. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Manny brings a bilingual touch to our team. His dedication goes beyond roofing and exteriors; it’s about elevating homes to a state “better than new.” 

    Manny and his bride love to travel. He also loves to play soccer and give people a hard time. 

    Above all, Manny wants to go above and beyond to make his tribe and customers happy.